Learn about the inventapod product range

PreimiumPod by inventapod

Feel inspired with an organised and compact makerspace

Creative spaces don’t have to always take up huge amounts of room and be disorganised, not with an inventapod. The inventapod is a compact and portable makerspace designed for places where space is limited such as in homes, schools, and libraries.

You can learn more about the inventapod range of products on this page. We are all about making, learning, and improving at inventapod so if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Features of the inventapod

  • Made from strong/lightweight 2020 slotted aluminium sections
  • Capable of supporting up to a 22in monitor
  • Encased in laser cut Perspex sheeting with colour options available
  • Includes a power supply board to power up your projects
  • It’s easy to store components and tooling for your project inside the inventapod

Turn any desk or table into a makerspace in minutes.


Makerspaces by inventapod

We have two makerspace units to choose from

PreimiumPod by inventapod

The PremiumPod

The PremiumPod by inventapod includes the the ClassicPod frame, high quality gas lift monitor arm, 22in Full HD monitor, and wireless keyboard and mouse. The PremiumPod has everything you need to connect directly to a Raspberry Pi board so you can start making straight away.

Perfect for universities, schools, and libraries setting up their own makerspace.

ClassicPod Chassis by inventapod

The ClassicPod

The ClassicPod is our basic makerspace which includes the inventapod chassis, power supply board, and four storage containers. You can easily add additional components to the frame including your own monitor arm, storage, etc.

Ideal for individuals who want to completely customise their own makerspace.


Accessories by inventapod

Our range of accessories to suit both the PremiumPod and ClassicPod

Accessories by inventapod to match your ClassicPod or PremiumPod. Customise your makerspace and start working on your idea!

inventapod mousepad

The inventapod mouse pad

Add the perfect amount of friction when operating your mouse. Whether you are doing CAD, coding, or just browsing the web, a good mouse pad is always a nice to have. The inventapod mouse pad comes in our signature creative orange colour and ‘keep creating’ motto.

inventapod Mug side 1

The inventapod coffee mug

Whether you are a coffee or tea person (we are all addicted to coffee at inventapod), the inventapod mug will manage them both! Our awesome mug comes with a two-colour orange/white mug and a cool CAD image of he inventapod and 3D printer. Have a suggestion for a mug design? email us at sales@inventapod.com and let us know!

inventapod t-shirt FRONT

The inventapod t-shirt

What to wear? We hate thinking and worrying about it ourselves. Take out one decision from your day and save some brain juice for your project by just wearing our comfy navy blue inventapod shirt. The back has a large vibrant CAD image of the inventapod with our ‘keep creating’ motto.

inventapod cable tidy

Cable tidy set

It doesnt take long before all those cables and wires become a wild mess, you know that. Using our cable tidy set, you can neatly and quickly secure cables to the inventapod frame. Just secure the plastic part to the frame using a M4 screw and t-nut and then use a cable tie to secure the cable to the tidy. Easy and will make your project look 1000 times better.


Makerspaces don’t need to be messy and disorganised. Not with an inventapod.

Testimonials for inventapod

Stefano Landini

Thanks to Inventapod, my PhD research test rig on Li-ion Thermal Management Optimisation is perfectly organised, professional and tidy. The Inventapod is capable to enclose the entire instrumentation (one NI Power Source Unit, DAQ systems, thermal chamber PID controller, AC and DC power supplies), maximising safety against hazards and permitting 24/7 unattended operation. Finally, the unit is customisable, leading to implementation of a cooling fan to better thermalize all electronics. Our research group is eager to purchase further units for all BEng/MSc/PhD projects.

Stefano Landini, Heriot-Watt University