//inventapod installed at Heriot-Watt Engineering & Physical Sciences Lab

inventapod installed at Heriot-Watt Engineering & Physical Sciences Lab

We are delighted to have supplied the Heat Transfer lab at Heriot-Watt University with an inventapod Original size, configured for a Raspberry Pi application. The pod not only looks great in the lab, but will help students use the Raspberry Pi for research work in an easy and safe way. We achieved this by designing a plate for the raspberry Pi which is located at the front of the pod giving easy and clear access to all of the boards GPIO pins. Using an extension ribbon, cobbler, and breadboard, students have clear access to connect their components.

The principal benefit to Heriot-Watt University for installing the inventapod in one of their labs is to provide a dedicated space for temporary research students which they can configure for their individual project. When the student is done for the day they can quickly pack the pod to ensure the lab remains neat and alsosafe from others using the shared space.The pods provide sufficient space to meet the needs of the student, while also efficently using the limited space available in the lab. Please get int ouch with us if you think we could help you here.

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