The inventapod story

 The need for a creative space when space is limited inspired the development of the inventapod.

The inventapod story began in Edinburgh, Scotland when Faisal Ghani a mechanical engineer from Sydney Australia became a proud dad. Prior to becoming a dad, Faisal enjoyed tinkering around at home with Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards building stuff and making a mess at home. But with the little one on her way, he had to pack up shop to make room for the new family member! Not satisfied with any product on the market which would help him keep creating while minimising space and being neat, he designed the inventapod. By designing and building a portable space that converts an existing table in the home into a micro workshop which could then be packed away into a bookshelf, neatly solved the issue of space. Originally just a personal solution to a problem, the inventapod has been developed to help other creatives out there who have the same problem so they can keep creating.

Please get in touch if you or your school or business is interested in the inventapod. We would love to hear from you!

Our location

Our office is located at the Edinburgh Business School as part of the business accelerator programme. Our kits are all assembled right here in Edinburgh in our wee workshop located in Craigmillar. The inventapod is proudly designed and assembled in Scotland.

A new way to make, create, and learn

The inventapod is ideal for creatives who need a space to work at home. It is perfect for messy creative children and adults who need a fun space which they can make their own to explore their ideas, especially for those working with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, electronics, robotics, internet of things, and Lego. Use the inventapod to keep your creative home a tidy one!

The inventapod is registered design and patent pending in the USA.

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Thanks to Inventapod, my PhD research test rig on Li-ion Thermal Management Optimisation is perfectly organised, professional and tidy. The Inventapod is capable to enclose the entire instrumentation (one NI Power Source Unit, DAQ systems, thermal chamber PID controller, AC and DC power supplies), maximising safety against hazards and permitting 24/7 unattended operation. Finally, the unit is customisable, leading to implementation of a cooling fan to better thermalize all electronics. Our research group is eager to purchase further units for all BEng/MSc/PhD projects.

Stefano Landini

The inventapod kit is designed, assembled, and shipped from Scotland

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