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About inventapod

Thank you for your interest in inventapod! inventapod Ltd was started in 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland to address two main problems:

The first problem is the need for a makerspace at home that doesn’t take up too much space and is going to keep the home tidy and organised. Lots of makers out there share their home with other people who want things to be kept tidy, organised, and safe from children. If you are the partner of a maker or a parent of a child who loves making, you probably know how difficult it is keeping things tidy. Who can keep things tidy when you are working on a brilliant idea after all! The inventapod offers a way to confine your creativity to a functional space that can be packed up and stored in a bookshelf so everyone is happy.

The second problem is more challenging. The United Kingdom, and other parts of the world are currently facing a shortfall in STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics) graduates. At inventapod, we believe that if more children and young adults are encourage to get ‘hands-on’ and make things such as robots and smart devices, there will be greater interest in pursuing STEM subjects later on.

Our mission at inventapod is to knock down barriers preventing children and adults from making and being creative, whether it be at home, school, or in a library by developing simple products solving key problems. Being curious, creative, and sharing ideas is fundamental to being human and at the heart of being a maker. We love making at inventapod, and want to help others other love it too. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

Dr Faisal Ghani, CEO & Founder

inventapod Ltd was founded by Dr Faisal Ghani, a chartered mechanical engineer from Sydney Australia. Faisal moved to Edinburgh in 2015 to work as a postdoctoral research associate at Heriot-Watt University working on the development of new solar collector. He received the Kerr MacGregor award for solar innovation in 2017 and has published over 20 papers in international journals and conferences, for details please visit here. He is also currently the secretary for the Scottish Solar Energy Group (SSEG).

Faisal became a proud dad early 2018. The idea for the inventapod came when trying to work on his ideas at home while keeping the space consumed for it to a minimum. Safety was also a concern, as he worried about all the things that could be swallowed by a toddler. After a number of iterations, the design for the inventapod was finalised and protected. The inventapod is a registered design in the UK, Europe, and Patent Pending in the United States of America.

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Testimonials for inventapod

Stefano Landini

Thanks to Inventapod, my PhD research test rig on Li-ion Thermal Management Optimisation is perfectly organised, professional and tidy. The Inventapod is capable to enclose the entire instrumentation (one NI Power Source Unit, DAQ systems, thermal chamber PID controller, AC and DC power supplies), maximising safety against hazards and permitting 24/7 unattended operation. Finally, the unit is customisable, leading to implementation of a cooling fan to better thermalize all electronics. Our research group is eager to purchase further units for all BEng/MSc/PhD projects.

Stefano Landini, Heriot-Watt University