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The idea for the inventapod came from solving a real problem. The need for our own space to do what we love doing when space is hard to come by.

Whether its working on electronic projects with Raspberry Pi or Arduino, robotics, IoT, coding or even playing with Lego or video games we need some space for our stuff. But space can be hard to come by, especially for those living in big cities.

The inventapod® was created out of this need. The Founder of inventapod®, Faisal Ghani a mechanical engineer who recently became a father, wanted to keep working on his ideas at home but space quickly disappeared with the new addition to the family. His solution was to develop a compact, portable, and functional work space which could be used on any existing table at home and when not needed could be packed away quickly and stored on a bookshelf. Since then, the inventapod design has undergone a number of design improvements. We hope that the inventapod will help others out there keep creating.

The inventapod® is great for a large number of applications from making and tinkering, art and craft, building with lego and fischertechnik, to coding and playing video games. Anywhere you need a pack up and go solution for your interests, the inventapod provides a neat and attarctive solution for your home. 

The inventapod® is a registered trademark and its design is protected in the UK, Europe, and USA (Patent Pending).

Great for:

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And much, much more.

Dr Faisal Ghani, CEO & Founder

inventapod was founded by Dr Faisal Ghani, a chartered mechanical engineer from Sydney, Australia. A graduate from the University of New South Wales, Faisal has been working for Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh since 2015 working on the development of solar energy technology. To find out more about his research and publications, please click here. The idea for the inventapod came after becoming a dad and losing his man cave for the nursery. He developed the inventapod to primarily work on projects with Raspberry Pi and 3D printing at home. As a mechanical engineer with over 10 years of industrial experience, Faisal is responsible for all design and manufacturing aspects for inventapod ltd.

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