//Young engineers trial inventapod assembly instructions

Young engineers trial inventapod assembly instructions

inventapod design team

We are very fortunate to have a great team of young mechanical engineers from Heriot-Watt University working with us to improve the inventapod design. One of the early tasks the team helped us with, is check our assembly instructions. We have worked hard to develop a guide (with no wording!) to help our customers assemble the inventapod as easily as possible. To test them out, we gave the five students an inventapod as a customer would purchase it, the instruction manual, and some basic tools (a screwdriver and an allen key).

The team were able to assemble the pod perfectly, but came up with a number of suggestions and improvements to the manual. It also got them thinking a few changes that could be made to improve the design which is exactly what we wanted.

We have completed all the changes to the instruction manual which will be professionally printed in colour and included with every kit. Get in touch with us if you want to take a look. The pods are available for sale via our online store.

inventapod design team
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