inventapod attends BETT 2019

inventapod at BETT show

The BETT show is one of the worlds largest educational get togethers. held in London annually, the show attracts tens of thousands of teachers, educators, researchers, and businesses all involved in the education sphere. We thought it would be a great chance to take a look at what is happening out there as learning, creating, and innovating is what we are all about at inventapod.

What a week it has been! We were pleased to see all the work be done by great companies like Pi-Top, FabLab Factory, Kitronik, and Proto-Pic promoting the tech for a constructivism approach to learning. ‘Learn by Making’ was a common theme, especially promoted by Pi-Top who are launching their new Pi-Top 4 May this year (we definitely will be getting these!).

We managed to speak with Education Scotland on the massive rollout of iPads in schools in Glasgow to address the digital literacy gap, especially in the more impoverished parts of the city. They are making huge progress on this front with thousands of iPads distributed. They are working on how to better ‘marry-up’ technologies like the iPad with the BBC micro:bit to encourage young learners to develop their own solutions to problems and making things come alive with electronics and coding.

What we have realised at inventapod while attending the BETT show is the huge need to help children acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to nurture a genuine interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The development and release of the low cost BBC micro:bit micro-controller is a wonderful start, but there is a lot of work for these amazing devices to make an impact.

inventapod with Education Scotland

“We are so excited, we are going to develop a new product just for micro:bit projects!”

Faisal Ghani, CEO & Founder

Faisal with FabLab Factory
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