inventapod helps keep research lab organised, tidy, and safe

before inventapod

Is this image familair to you? If it is, you are not alone.

University research labs regularly have students coming in and out carrying out their experiments for their courses or for the capstone project. They need to devise an experiment, build it, do the experiment, get the data, and write it up. And generally when it is fast approaching their deadline so tidyiness and organisation are after thoughts.

This makes it difficult to keep a shared space like a lab organised and safe like the heat transfer lab at Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh. The image on the left is the experimental test rig for a PhD student carrying out work on thermal cycling of a lithium ion battery (dont worry if that doesnt make much sense to you!) We can see this is rather chaotic and not ideal for obvious safety reasons.

An inventapod was installed to better organise the limited space available. The slotted aluminium frame of the inventapod made it possible to secure cabling to the frame and also mount a DIN rail to suspend components including a National Instruments cDAQ chassis. The accessibility of the inventapod made it easy for the PhD student to access the components and make any changes when needed. When finished, it was closed off keeping the lab looking great.

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