Turn any desk into a creative makerspace, pack it away into a bookshelf when you’re done.

Makerspace by inventapod

Makerspaces are places where you can turn an idea into a creation. Whether it’s to solve a problem or to just be creative, makerspaces provide children and adults a unique way to be curious, to learn, and to have fun.

But makerspaces need space for components, tools, computing hardware etc. and space can often be a problem, especially in urban homes and schools. The inventapod has been designed to help by providing a way to store all your creative stuff in one convenient portable unit. Using the inventapod you can turn any table or desk quickly into a makerspace. When you’re finished, pack it away and store it in a bookshelf. Its simple space saving design is ideal for projects using:

  • BBC micro:bit
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • Lego / Fischertechnik, and more

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Makerspaces don’t need to take up space and be messy. Not with inventapod.

For curious and creative individuals in homes, schools, and libraries.

How the inventapod works

makerspace by inventapod

Step 1: Unpack the inventapod and get creative

Use the range of storage options offered by inventapod to store your components and tools. The inventapod is perfect for use with both tablets and PCs.

Step 2: When finished, pack everything back inside

The inventapod design makes it easy to pack up with a custom designed storage system. The front sheet is simply attached to the frame via a magnetic couple.

Step 3: Store in a bookshelf

The inventapod’s patent pending design allows it to fit perfectly inside an IKEA or similar bookshelf, so it hardly takes up any space. Ready for the next creative session!

Explore the inventapod benefits

It saves you space

The inventapod is the most compact and portable makerspace out there. Its geometry lets you store it in a bookshelf so it hardly takes any space at all in your home, school, or library.

It’s fun to use

Its hard not to feel like Batman using the inventapod makerspace. Its sleek look and functional layout make it a joy to use for your creative project. The side panels are all laser cut acrylic sheet so you can customise it just the way you want.

Helps keep you organised

The inventapod includes its own storage system with a range of different storage boxes and tool holders. Choose the right accessories from our online store and kit you inventapod out just the way you need it.

Keeps your home, school or library tidy

By containing your creative project within the inventapod, your home, school, or library space is kept neat and tidy. When creative projects are completed, everything packs inside and the pod is closed. Out of sight and easy.

Imagine, create, and learn

Makerspaces encourage children to actively learn through discovery by providing them with the tools they need to develop creative solutions to problems or to work on their own projects.

The most compact and portable makerspace on the market

It would be great if we could all have our own workshop to turn our ideas into something real. For most of us though, we use whatever space we can get our hands on. At inventapod, we started out making things on the floor or on our dining room table in our home in Edinburgh. We found we wasted too much time moving plastic storage tubs around, setting up computers, and getting toolboxes out and thought there must be a better way. We have developed the inventapod for all the makers out there who just need a little space to be creative. The inventapod has been designed by makers for makers.

For inspiring classrooms and libraries…

With devices like the BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino out there, now has never been a better time to spark innovation and digital creativity in class rooms. The inventapod can keep all your components and tools, provide power, and store your tablet/PC in one compact and portable unit.

MiniMaker by inventapod

…and creative homes

With devices like the BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino out there, now has never been a better time to spark innovation and digital creativity in class rooms. The inventapod can keep all your components and tools, provide power, and store your tablet/PC in one compact and portable unit.

A great range of storage components available

Visit our accessory store to see all the options we have available and get creative today.

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Choose Your Makerspace

The MiniMaker by inventapod comes in four great colours. Order your MiniMaker online today and start creating!

MiniMaker White makerspace

MiniMaker White


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MiniMaker Grey

MiniMaker Grey


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MiniMaker Blue

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Customise your makerspace

Kit out your makerspace with the right storage and tools with our range of products

Choose your accessories

Our range of accessories have been designed to perfectly match the inventapod makerspace product range. Customise your makerspace to suit your project!

inventapod storage box 1

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inventapod box size 2

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inventapod box size 3

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inventapod size 4 box

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6-tool holder inventapod

Six tool holder


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Tool holder by inventapod

Tool holder


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Small hook by inventapod

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Large hook by inventapod

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Mousepad by inventapod



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About Us

Find out more about inventapod

The inventapod was founded by Faisal Ghani, a chartered mechanical engineer from Sydney, Australia who now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. One of the main reasons why Faisal became a mechanical engineer was from the fun he had making and building as a child. This passion for making continues as an adult but things became a little tricky in 2018 when he became a dad. Quickly running out of space (time is another issue), the inventapod was born out of necessity, to provide a space efficient creativity lab at home to work on projects. As we are all creative and curious in some form, it seemed obvious that there were other people out there with the same problem.

We are based at the Edinburgh Business School Incubator at Heriot-Watt University and all manufacturing is carried out in our workshop in Craigmillar. If you hve any questions regarding the inventapod, please feel free to get in contact with us, we would love to hear from you.

The inventapod team