We all love to be creative. But space can be a problem.

The inventapod has been designed to help.

Use the inventapod to convert any table in your home into your own creative zone. The inventapod is is a portable unit where you can store your stuff, whether its a Raspberry Pi or Arduino board for hacking, tools for DIY, or even your gaming console. It’s made from a strong aluminium frame which is encased using laser cut acrylic sheeting and includes its own power board so you can power up your ideas. The best part is when you’re done, pack it away and store it in a bookshelf. Simple and easy. To see the inventapod in action, checkout the video below.

The benefits of using the inventapod are:

Space savings. By using an existing table in your home as your creative space with the inventapod, you dont need another table or desk. As it also packs away into a bookshelf, it wont take up too much valuable space.

Improved organisation. Put your things in the right place with the right storage and have access to internal power.

Tidy cable management. Using cable guides attached to the slotted frame, you can keep cable mess to a minimum.

Safety. Encased with acrylic sheet to protect your things from children and any other unwated attention.

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How the inventapod can help you

It will save you space

The inventapod has been designed to be as space efficient as possible. You can directly attach components such as monitors, PC’s, tools, and storage onto its strong aluminium frame. Its geometry has been designed to match a standard IKEA bookshelf when packed away so it uses little space at home.

It can be customised by you

The inventapod has been designed by makers for makers. We have fabricated the pod using slotted aluminium sections so you can customise your pod for your application whether its for 3D printing, laser cutting, programming, IoT, or electronic projects you can modify your inventapod to meet your needs.

It will keep your things safe
makerspace in a bookshelf

Encased in laser cut acrylic sheet, the inventapod will keep the contents of your pod protected from dust and away from childrens fingers.

Pack the inventapod away and store it in a bookshelf. Tidy, safe, and looks awesome.

How it works

makerspace in a bookshelf

2. Detach the front and top panels via the magnetic coupling and unpack the contents of your pod. In this example we have shown a setup with a Raspberry Pi system with a monitor and peripheral devices installed.

1. Packed away, your inventapod is designed to fit inside an IKEA (or similar) bookshelf. When it’s time to start working on your idea or play, grab the pod by its handles and carry over to any table.

3. The pod contains a power board to power your projects, slotted extrusions to mount your kit (monitors, storage, cable management, tools, etc), and a convenient way to keep all your things together in one place. When you’re done, pack it all up and put it back in the bookshelf. Quick, easy, and space efficient!

Packed away, the acrylic sheet used to encase the inventapod will protect the contents of your pod from dust and keep it safe from children. The mains power cable used to power your pod, can be stored inside the pod so there is nothing dangling outside the pod when it is stored.

Great for all your creative projects

Perfect for

  • 3D Printing
  • Raspberry Pi / Arduino
  • Coding
  • Lego
  • Gaming (PC, Xbox, Play station)
  • Your home electronics and DIY projects

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