Don’t let space and mess stop your home or school from being creative

inventapod PremiumPod

Makerspaces are ideal places to encourage creativity and innovation in children. But they can be messy and space consuming. The inventapod has been designed to help.

Convert any table or desk into a makerspace in minutes using the inventapod. When you’re finished, pack it away into a bookshelf. The inventapod will keep your home, school, or library creative and inspring while keeping space and mess to a minimum.

With the availability of low cost devices such as the BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards, its never been a better time to start making. They are great for the young engineers and scientists out there who enjoy coding, making robots, and learning electronics. It has been designed by makers for makers working with:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • BBC micro:bit
  • Internet of Things
  • Robotics
  • Lego, Fischertechnic, and much more

Store your components, tools, and hardware in one minimal space consuming place and keep creating with inventapod. Keeping creating with inventapod.

Convert any table or desk into a makerspace in minutes. Stay creative, organised, and tidy with inventapod.


How the inventapod works

Step 1: Move the inventapod to a table or desk

When closed, the inventapod is easily transported to a table or desk using its carry handles. The inventapod is encased in laser cut perspex to protect its contents during the move and includes rubber feet to protect surfaces it is rested upon. Available in four great colours!

inventapod CAD open

Step 2: Unpack and get creative

Once on a table or desk, th inventapod is quickly and easily unpacked by detaching its front and top panels using strong magnets, providing internal access to the pod. Inside the inventapod you can store your all your components and hardware. It is easy to power up your projects using the powerboard located inside the unit. Start working on your idea!

inventapod CAD Closed view 2

Step 3: Pack away your inventapod

When you are finished, pack everything back inside the inventapod and re-attach the front and top sheets to the frame using the magentic coupling. The inventapod has been designed to fit inside an IKEA or similar bookshelf for easy, space efficient storage.

Watch our video

See how to use the inventapod by watching our video.

Makerspaces don’t need to be messy and disorganised. Not with an inventapod.

The makerspace for creative, tidy homes

Converting your ideas into something tangible needs stuff. Tools, components, computing hardware, power, the list goes on. But space can be hard to come by, especially in homes and keeping it tidy is even more challenging.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep all your stuff, including a computer, in one convient place to work on your ideas when you get a chance and then pack it away when you are finished? You now can with the inventapod.

Makerspace without inventapod

Specifically designed for makers, by makers working at home. You can use the inventapod to:

  • Store all your components
  • Keep your tools in one place
  • Supply mains power
  • Provide a functional space to work on your ideas using any table at home

Using magnetically coupled front and top sheets, the inventapod can be packed up quickly and moved easily using its carrying handles for storage in a bookshelf.

Keep creating, keep making, and keep your home tidy and organised with inventapod.

inventapod at home
inventapod for schools and libraries

The makerspace for innovative schools and libraries

The compact and portable design of the inventapod make it ideal for schools and libraries who are looking to provide their students with a creative space to explore their ideas.

Using low cost boards like the Rapsberry Pi and Arduino provides a way for children to design, build, and test their very own smart devices and learn some valuable skills on the way. Skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, electrical engineering, and computer coding.

Currently the United Kingdom is suffering a growing shortfall of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates which is costing us billions of pounds to our GDP. Through making, children will see that science and engineering is much more than just books and equations.

How the inventapod can help schools and libraries:

  • Provides a compact and portable space for children to be creative
  • Keeps your classroom tidy and minimise the space used
  • Only needs the existing tables/desks in your classrooms
  • Packs away quickly and can be stored in shelves

Encourage creativity, problem solving, and innovation in your school or library using the inventapod.

inventapod units help organise lab space at Heriot-Watt University

The heat transfer lab at Heriot-Watt University is heavily used by PhD, MSc, and BEng students to carry out investigative research work in the thermal sciences. Typical experiments require hardware, components, cabling, data acquisition, computers, and cabling which can quickly lead to disorganisation.

An inventapod unit was installed to assist one PhD student, Stefano Landini, to organise his experimental apparatus. The photo on top shows what his bench top looked like priot to installation of the inventapd. The photo below shows how the slotted aluminium frame and its accessibility improved the interaction with his experiment and also improved the usability of the lab.

If you are a school, university, or library, the inventapod can help shared spaces

  • Be more organised
  • tidy and neat
  • safe

And therefore more functional and useful. Buy your inventapod today or contact us if you have any questions.

before inventapod

Without the inventapod

With the inventapod

The benefits of the inventapod makerspace

PreimiumPod by inventapod

It’s highly customisable

The inventapod frame is made using 20mm slotted aluminium sections with a beautiful black anodized finish. Using aluminium profiles adds strength and stiffness to the inventapod while being light enough for portability.

Attaching components to the inventapod is easy. All you need are M4 screws and t-nuts which can be purchased from our online store. The frame is strong enough to support items including monitors (up to 22in) and mounting small format PCs such as the HP EliteDesk. This makes the inventapod highly customisable. Configure your inventapod and start creating!

  • Made from a slotted aluminium frame
  • Easy to attach components using readily available components
  • Strong enough to support monitors, PCs, storage containers, etc.
inventapod chassis
inventapod White

It’s space efficient, tidy, and portable

No need to have your own garage or workshop for making.

Traditional makerspaces take up lots of space and create a mess, making it difficult for shared spaces in homes, schools, and libraries to manage. The inventapod solves this issue by providing an ultra compact, portable, yet highly functional makerspace which can be quickly packed away and stored in a shelf. Keep creating while keeping the peace!

The front and top sheets of the inventapod easily detach from the frame via a magnetic coupling making it quick to pack and unpack. All the sheets used to make the inventapod are high quality laser cut PERSPEX sheeting. We offer four great front colour options to suits your tastes. If you would like your very own customised front cover, please contact us today, we will do what we can!

  • Organised and tidy
  • Easy to move using its carry handles
  • Choice of colours
  • Keep your things out of sight when packed away
inventapod white in bookshelf

Testimonials for inventapod

Stefano Landini

Thanks to Inventapod, my PhD research test rig on Li-ion Thermal Management Optimisation is perfectly organised, professional and tidy. The Inventapod is capable to enclose the entire instrumentation (one NI Power Source Unit, DAQ systems, thermal chamber PID controller, AC and DC power supplies), maximising safety against hazards and permitting 24/7 unattended operation. Finally, the unit is customisable, leading to implementation of a cooling fan to better thermalize all electronics. Our research group is eager to purchase further units for all BEng/MSc/PhD projects.

Stefano Landini, Heriot-Watt University